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Letters to the Editor: Airduct

As some of you may know, me and Lucid Cannon from PULP imitator AIRDUCT do not get along quite well. Since we live in different cities, and have never to my knowledge been formally introduced, most of our sniping takes place over the internet, or at least it did before I crushed her feeble spirit and left her unable to type an email, let alone continue our flame-war with any dignity. It all started back in PULP 0, when I made some remark about her 'zine being a cheap PULP rip-off, and went downhill from there. Those of you only familiar with our forum-based hostility may find these missives, presented in chronological order, quite interesting, as they clearly show the progression of our mutual hatred. Note how pleasant and obsequious Ms. Cannon is in the first few emails (especially the part where she calls me a 'demi-god'), and how quickly it becomes unadulterated loathing in the face of my complete inability to hold a civil conversation, electronic or not. Rest assured that these emails are presented completely without Ms. Cannon's permission or even knowledge, and feel free to send comments of your own to pulp@stupid.com or pulp@tangmonkey.com if you want to get in on the fun. Enjoy.

Letter #1
Letter #2
Letter #3
Letter #4
Letter #5
Letter #6
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Letter #8

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