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Despite all appearances to the contrary, PULP's editorial board does actually have standards. They may not be very high, and they may not be particularly well enforced, but they do exist. Chief among these mythical standards pertains to what my fancy university education terms 'temporality'. The articles in any give issue of PULP might, and often are, not very good, but at least they're timely. It's very important to me that a 'new in theatres' review be printed no later than a month after the film has left the cinemas, or that a 'new on video' article be published within the same calendar year as the film's video release. If not, the entire balance of good and evil might be irrevocably shifted, plunging the world into darkness and chaos, and we certainly don't want that to happen before I can complete my Mystery Science Theatre 3000 collection. In that spirit, this collection features several articles that were cut due to length, and never published in a subsequent issue of PULP because they became dated, along with being generally bad. Also to be found here are several 'letters to the editor' I've received, including the entirety of my correspondence with Little Miss Thesaurus, Lucid Cannon of AIRDUCT 'fame', as well as some hate mail. Enjoy, and feel free to send some feedback and hopefully some more hate mail to pulp@tangmonkey.com.

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