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Letters to the Editor: Airduct: Letter #5

From: "AIRDUCT H. Q."
To: pulp@stupid.com
Subject: mailing list
Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 03:38:14 -0000


Before you choke on your collection of Evil Dead II, don't worry... I'm not going to bore you with a lengthy and verbose defence of our swill, nor am I going to comment on your ideologies regarding draconian editing a la Goebbels. Actually, I'm just tired of wasting my time constantly being asked to forward your rag to a hoarde of Glebites et al, so I'm offering you this list of addresses to which I've passed on your precious PULP. Don't get me wrong... this opportunity for you to double your mailing list is far from a peace offering, but is simply a product of my own sloth and increasing annoyance with PULP. Do your own damn forwarding, Mr. Freakshow!


From: pulp@stupid.com
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 22:45:17
Subject: RE: mailing list


If you think for one moment your paltry attempt at averting my wrath will spare you from the hungry end, you're sorely mistaken. Rest assured that I was so incensed by the fact that your email ruined my three-day long streak of complete isolation from the outside world and all who dwell there that I considered making a few calls and sending some serious sass your way, but then "The Monster That Challenged The World" was on Space. I'd thank you for doubling I mean adding to my list, but I don't want to. So there. If you feel like being further put to shame by the power and glory that is Ash, or are just looking for some more stuff to rip off, go to tangmonkey.com, which has foolishly begun allowing me to post news.
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