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Christmas 1999

In this issue:    Dogma   End of Days   Christmas Films   Ash's Christmas Picks   The Cat People   and   ASH2K.
Ash’s Christmas Picks

In my mind, the only things worse than Christmas cheer is Christmas movies. There’s nothing like hackneyed sentiment and heavy-handed preaching to bring that egg-nog back up the way it went down. That said, there are a few movies with Christmas themes that don’t make me want to convert to Shirley Maclaine Channelling or one of those weird cults where you have to wear a toga, and I thought I might be a nice guy and share my list of the top five Christmas movies with you. Consider it my Christmas gift to you, our loyal readers. No refunds.
Evil Dead II: Dead By Dawn
Would you have expected anything else?
The Nightmare Before Christmas
There’s nothing like walking skeletons and insect people to really bring out that holiday cheer. And of course by cheer I mean fear.
Batman Returns
Michelle Pfieffer in a catsuit tops my Christmas list every year. Oddly enough, so does Danny Devito in a tuxedo. Go figure
Silent Night, Deadly Night
Santa with a fire-ax and some particularly ornery elves. Somehow, this spawned 4 sequels.
Christmas Evil
I ran out of ideas around #3, in case you hadn’t noticed.

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