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Some time after January 2000

In this issue:    Steele Haze    Dracula    Ash Wednesday    The Year in Review    Fountain Society   and    Disturbing Music Videos.
Ash Wednesday

Here it is, kids, the holiest of holy days for the PULP fan. That's right, ASH WEDNESDAY has finally arrived, bringing with it loads of pulpy goodness for your reading pleasure. I was termporarily tempted to put out a special Valentine's Day edition, what with me being a hopeless romantic and all, but then I remebered that I don't have a heart and therefore hate people that do, rendering Valentine's Day a rather bitter time of year for me. This issue finds us exploring the inner workings of ASH's mind (and I use the tern loosely), from an examination of his top picks and pans of the past year to the reasons behind choosing the title for the rag you now hold in your hands. For those of you interested, the title for PULP comes from ASH's fondness for the pulp fiction found in cheap magazines from the 30's and 40's, the type of serialized exploitation literature that was hack-written and hard-boiled, kinda like John Grisham books except with more breasts and less syllables. Although the stories were written in a variety of genres, from sci-fi to horror to detective thrillers, they all essentially had the same story and the same tough busty women with names that sound like they came from a Marvel Comic book like Luke Cage. They were cheap, cheesy, and suffice it to say, none of the stories or novels ever had much of a chance of making it to Oprah's book club, but then again nothing really does unless it's written by Toni Morrison deals with the plight of women in as much of tear-jerking way as possible. But they were still fun to read, and after all, that's the only goal of all of us here at PULP. So we hope you enjoy the first installment of a new piece of serialized pulp fiction, entitled Beloved Joys of Womanhood. Oprah, here we come.  


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