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Some time after January 2000

In this issue:    Steele Haze    Dracula    Ash Wednesday    The Year in Review    Fountain Society   and    Disturbing Music Videos.
Consider the Craven

A book review of Wes Craven's "Fountain Society"  
"The hills have eyes" is probably one of the top one thousand movies of the 20th century and we are indebted to Wes Craven for making such a wonderful masterpiece. Craven then movied on to make touchy-feelie pictures as "A nightmare on Elm Street" and "Scream". But being the multi-talented man that he is, it is inevitable that he would write a book. [Yes Ash - on your evolutionary chain of being this is the reversion to the slime mold!]  
I randomly picked up Craven's novel when I was doing my weekly chaotic book grab at the public library. I start with some book, look at the author's name or a key word in the title and then go search using those words. In this case the cover sold me.  
Craven has spent a lot of money making a high tech pseudo-hologram cover page of a dude rotating his head. By holding the book at arm length and slowly rotating about a 20° angle you can see a guy shaking his head in a "No! No! No!" pattern.  
Of course the cover is set in a lovely hue of black and on the back cover Craven affects un pose du penseur [handholding chin - thoughtful yet very evil in a master versus Dr. Who type way]. The ISBN label is a tad annoying, but I am sure that a little black marker could fix it up nicely and Craven's black sweater would blend into the cover.  
The font used for the book is Cyrillic Stressed or Verdana. With a beautiful silver hue that can be found on the odd dead ally cat - you almost want to open the book and look at it.  
As one final point, there is a legal statement after the title that says - [A NOVEL]. Brilliant! You suck everyone into believing that this is the long awaited biography of a young humanities lecturer professor, who turned to movie making after a prolonged avocation of duct taping cats to poster boards.  
Anyhow, Mr. Craven reminds me of a musician that secretly wants to be a comedian [think of Bono - no don't do that …ouch!] Mr. Craven wants some respect from the literary community, however he won't find it because all of his fans are illlitterates. Stick to movies - it will cost you too much money to buy your own books in order to make it to the best seller list!


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