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December 2000

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In this issue: The Seventh Sense! Charlie’s Angels, from a new contributor!    Some obligatory Christmas crap!    PLUS: Eeyore gets educational,   and Ash blathers on about something only tenuously related to entertainment! Yippee!

Jimminy Cricket, is it Christmas time already? It seems like I just finished hating the last holiday season, and already it's time for me to lay into this one. If I were a less dignified fellow, I would take this opportunity to launch into a page-long rant condemning commercialism and stressing the utter insanity of a perfectly good religious holiday being ruined by a hell of panicked shopping revolving around a fat guy and his troop of gremlins, but that's been done time and time again over the last few years, most notably by me in last year's Christmas issue (which is now at tangmonkey.com, if you're one of those people who fall for shameless plugs). Instead, I've opted to pretty much ignore the idea of a Christmas theme issue this year, which I assure you has more to do with my high standards than the fact that I forgot about it until most of the issue had been written. Another thing that should be mentioned in this introduction is that while I'm very happy with this issue as a whole, I'm none too pleased with the kind of rambling format. Next issue we're going to start to be a little more formulaic, in the non-pergorative sense of the word, with clearly defined sections devoted to new theatrical releases, video, cult classics, TV, music, and an opinion page, which is where everything that doesn't fit into the previous categories will go. So, if you're planning to make a submission, and you damn well better be, please keep these categories in mind. Needless to say, regardless of whether or not it fits into a category, we'll still print it, provided of course it meets PULP's high editorial standards (to quote the great Eeyore: "it's got words in it"). As for the 'new' title, we've decided to use the suggestion sent to us by Erik Von Stedman of Lodi, New Jersey, who came up with the strikingly original idea of just numbering the issues in Roman (or 'Italian') numerals. Yeah, I know, we're a bunch of wild and crazy guys over here, and you never know what we're going to do next. And finally, I'd like to remind you all that some editing actually does go into each issues, and sometimes things are left out. Most of the time, if I have to omit something, it just goes into the next issue so I don't have to write as much, but sometimes that just doesn't work, so starting this issue, if something doesn't make it into the email edition of PULP, I'm going to be posting it at tangmoney.com, in a kind of a 'deleted scenes' type thing. If you're interested, check it out. The first entry is a review of Red Planet by yours truly that ran a little too long. Anyway, enough from me, and on to the Christmas shenanigans.

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