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September 1999

In this issue:    Kevin Constner Vs. The Evil Dead!    Jesus kicks some serious ass in The Matrix!    Eyes Wide Shut: Hit or Miss?    PLUS: Ricky Martin: Rocket Scientist, and a Summer Movie Recap.

Eyes Wide Shut *** (Ash)
Eyes Wide Shut (Jimmy)
The Matrix *****
Eyes Wide Shut

Eyes Wide Shut is a film that deals with many things: sex, the fine line between dreams and reality, levels of power, and the glory of masked orgies.
The film begins with Tom Cruise, and Nicole Kidman getting dressed to go to a party. At this point, Tom's eyes are shut. At the party the two get separated and Tom gets corralled by two gorgeous models, who take him by the arms, escort him out of the room and offer to show him " the end of the rainbow". Kidman starts dancing with a randy Hungarian who tries to lure her upstairs and give her horizontal dancing lessons. When Tom and Kidman get home, they hit the hay, entwined.
Things start to go wonky the following day, when, after smoking a few joints, Kidman tells Tom about a naval officer she saw while the family was on vacation. She tells Tom that she would have given anything to sleep with him, even if it was only for one night. Tom, her seven year old daughter Helena, her future - she would have given it all away for the naval officer. Tom does not take this well and his eyes begin to be opened to the sexual power his wife wields. He always assumed that she was safe in their marriage, and was never jealous of other men. After Kidman the story is told, his world is changed. He begins to have waking nightmares of his wife making frantic love to the naval officer. Shot in black and white, they are an almost disturbing look into how Tom is taking her story.
We then follow Tom on a voyage of self discovery, as he discovers the world of prostitutes, ritualized masked orgies, Russian nymphos, and paranoia. Tom becomes like someone who has takes ten tabs of acid and calls in sick for the next week: his reality is forever changed. The movie becomes a surreal account of a sort of descent into hell, or at least some other weird place, like the staff room, or Mr Goeble's office.
The final stage for Tom comes after a big-ass orgy party, when he begins to inquire into the happenings of that dark and slippery night. He is warned, his family is threatened, etc, etc, etc, and he decides, for the sake of his family to keep his mouth shut. Here is the final stage gentle readers - Tom now keeps his Eyes Wide Shut.
Throughout the film, there are some common threads linking each level of reality. All the christmas trees are the same,there is always Christmas, and everyone gets naked. As Tom troops through the film, we get a sense that the craziest stuff can come, turn your reality inside out, but there will always be Christmas tree lights. The line between dreams and reality is left for the final scene, and for director Kubrick, there isn't really a distinction. The difference between love and sex, and which one has more power is left open, however.
So, want to Seymour Butts? Check this film. Want to check out the line between dreams and reality? Check this movie. The power, fighting the man and differnent models of Noma trees lights? This one is a must see. And lastly, if you want to learn what holding it in means, drink a litre of water before you hit the theatre and enjoy the greatest piss of your life when the movie is over.

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