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September 1999

In this issue:    Kevin Constner Vs. The Evil Dead!    Jesus kicks some serious ass in The Matrix!    Eyes Wide Shut: Hit or Miss?    PLUS: Ricky Martin: Rocket Scientist, and a Summer Movie Recap.
NEW IN THEATRES: For Love of the Game *****

Most people wouldn't give five stars to a movie that's so cheesy it makes Armageddon look subtle. And most people wouldn't willingly go see a movie that has dialogue so bad that you almost wish for the sophisticated teen speak of Disturbing Behaviour. But then again, most people are quite stupid, as evidenced by the fact that Titanic made more money than the gross national product of Africa, and most people don't realize that by virtue of the fact that he wrote and directed all three Evil Dead movies, any film that the great Sam Raimi chooses to make automatically becomes the greatest story ever told. Any guy who can come up with Ash, the ass-kickin', tough-talkin' demon-killer from the Evil Dead flicks is pretty close to a messiah in my books, so I tend to treat all his films as gospel.
This particular greatest-story-ever-told revolves around a baseball pitcher (played by Kevin Costner), who in the midst of pitching the perfect game, reflects upon his life and struggles to cope with the decisions he has made, as well as the apparent degenerative brain disease that forces him to talk to the audience every once in a while. Sure, there are more clich├ęs than a 1940's movie serial, and so many soft-focus scenes that I thought I'd had a stroke and gone wonky in the eyes, but if you look past all that, if you peer beneath the veneer of predictable plot turns and sickeningly sweet melodrama torn straight from a bad episode of Dawson's Creek, you'll see the true story that lies behind it all, a story that remains timeless and relevant even in the frantic rat-race we call modern life. A story so moving, it will drive you to tears no matter how hard you fight it. For underneath the seemingly simple story is found the complex tale of a man, who no matter how successful he seems in the eyes of his peers, still battles with his own inner demons, which plague him day and night and can only be killed by the act of bodily dismemberment. Yes, you'll laugh and you'll cry (and I'll laugh because you're crying) as you watch Kevin Costner take on a team of vicious baseball zombies after mistakenly releasing evil spirits by reading aloud from the dreaded Necronomicon, or Book of the Dead. Kelly Preston plays his girlfriend, whom Ash must rescue from the clutches of the evil dead before her soul is lost forever. In short, For Love of Evil Dead is another triumph for director Sam Raimi, and it comes with my highest recommendation.


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