Bill Gates.... awhh, forget it.

Lean, Mean, Tangmonkey Machine

We are now offering a brand-new, super-fantastic shirt design which can be ordered today for delivery before they hit the runways of Paris and Milan in fall 2001. Even if you've already got one of our "vintage" logo-shirts you'll want to update your look with the latest Tangmonkey apparel, now featuring one of ten optional back-slogans!


Click to enlarge logo.
Back (optional)

For a small additional fee (see pricing below) we'll add one of the following hilarious slogans to the back of your shirt in our trademark pixel-font:


Shirt = $15
Back-Logo = $2
Shipping = $5

United States:
Same as Canadian prices but in US dollars.

---- Sorry We Are No Longer Taking Tshirt Orders ----


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