More Diabolical than Ice Cream. And, hoo boy, We're Dead Serious.

Mad shit in RANT!

We read fiction and fantasy, of superheroes and suburbia. While the printing presses print, we'll keep buying woodpulp; and whether the characters speak in paragraphs or speech-bubbles, there's wisdom and fun to be had. Reviews, views, and all points in between.

Comments, news and reviews from the art-form that don't get no respect.

10.7.2004 Avengers #502
7.21.2004 Conan, Uncanny X-Men
3.31.2004 Reviews: Ultimates, Zero Girl.
3.25.2004 Review: Batman/Superman and Tales of the Vampire
11.12.2003 TokyoPop Reviews!
From heady fiction to pulpy sci-fi, we turn the pages and tell you all about it.

4.28.2004 Generation S.L.U.T.
3.15.2004 Essays in Love
3.8.2004 The Jungle
3.1.2004 In the Skin of a Lion
4.15.2003 The Faerie Queene

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