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We read fiction and fantasy, of superheroes and suburbia. While the printing presses print, we'll keep buying woodpulp; and whether the characters speak in paragraphs or speech-bubbles, there's wisdom and fun to be had. Reviews, views, and all points in between.

Comments, news and reviews from the art-form that don't get no respect.

10.7.2004 Avengers #502
7.21.2004 Conan, Uncanny X-Men
3.31.2004 Reviews: Ultimates, Zero Girl.
3.25.2004 Review: Batman/Superman and Tales of the Vampire
11.12.2003 TokyoPop Reviews!
From heady fiction to pulpy sci-fi, we turn the pages and tell you all about it.

4.28.2004 Generation S.L.U.T.
3.15.2004 Essays in Love
3.8.2004 The Jungle
3.1.2004 In the Skin of a Lion
4.15.2003 The Faerie Queene

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