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We listen to alt.folk and indie rock, fuzz-pop and doo-wop, psychedelic, slowcore, twingtwang and twee. Editorials, best-ofs, and all the reviews that are fit to print - we encourage you to discover something new, listen in a different way, or simply be reassured that your favourite band still doesn't suck. Rock on.

said the gramophone
is the music weblog. daily thoughts on records, concerts, songs and sometimes silence.

Articles and Reviews:

4.18.2004 REVIEW: Squarepusher: live in Montreal, 04/04/2004
3.14.2004 REVIEW: DJ Danger Mouse: The Grey Album
3.12.2004 REVIEW: Seekonk: For Barbara Lee
3.12.2004 REVIEW: Squarepusher: Ultravisitor
5.2.2004 REVIEW: Liz Phair: s/t
3.4.2004 REVIEW: Evan Dando: Baby I'm Bored
3.4.2004 REVIEW: Enon: Hocus Pocus
2.12.2004 REVIEW: Spokane: Measurement
1.29.2004 REVIEW: Impossible Shapes: We Like It Wild
1.25.2004 REVIEW: Jim Bryson: The North Side Benches
1.23.2004 INTERVIEW: The Locust
1.23.2004 REVIEW: The Stills: Logic Will Break Your Heart
1.23.2004 REVIEW: Ghosts & Vodka: Drunks & Addicts
1.18.2004 REVIEW: Isobel Campbell: Amorino
1.16.2004 REVIEW: The Flaming Lips: Yoshimi Battle The Pink Robots 5.1
1.15.2004 Andrew's Best of 2003
1.11.2004 Sean's Favourite Songs of 2003
1.8.2004 REVIEW: The Red Hot Valentines: Summer Fling
1.7.2004 REVIEW: Missy Elliott: This Is Not A Test!
1.4.2004 REVIEW: The Weekend: Teaser + Bonus Level

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