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Late November 1999

In this issue:    Ash Vs. Cleveland, Ohio   Sleepy Hollow   Elvira   Ash's Movie Manifesto   Austin Powers 2   and   Y2K - A OK?
Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me *****

Famed drive-in movie critic Joe Bob Briggs always said that if you’re making a sequel, then you might as well make the exact same movie you made the first time, because if people liked it then they’re sure to like it now. Mike Myers seems to have taken that advice to heart with this sequel to the sleeper hit Austin Powers, writing the exact same gags in the exact same places, and damned if it didn’t work.The movie also helps to bolster my There’s Something About Vulgarity theory, which states that since the release of that Cameron Diaz/Ben Stiller ode to cerebral humorists everywhere, no comedy can succesfully be made without at least 138 references to scatological functions. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I mean, after all, a day without seeing someone gel their hair with semen is a day you don’t laugh in my book. It’s just that things get a little nauseating after a while, and the movie hotdogs I regularly partake of are hard enough to keep down with- out watching snaggle-toothed hipster drink liquified feces thank you very much. Heather Graham, the Bond girl for this instalment, far surpasses Liz Hurley in babe-osity, by virtue of the fact that she looks less like a high class British model and more like an internet porn slut, and is therefore more accessible to your average movie geek. While it’s not better than the original, it’s most certainly on par and well worth the price of the rental, if only to see Rollergirl in a outfit that appears to have been a fishing net at one point. Of course the highlight of the film, aside from Rollergirl, is the great Seth Green, who once again proves that deadpanning is the key to comedy. The character of Scott Evil is a stroke of genius on Myers’ part, and although nothing can beat the therapy scene in the first one, the Jerry Springer sequence in this one comes pretty close. Groovy.

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