About Submitting a Top Ten List

Weather you submit a funny, serious or just plain whacked-out Top Ten List, the project's growth and development relies almost exclusively on the contributions of YOU, the public. You've seen them on late night TV and now they've finally come to the web, for the very first time, ever! A Top Ten List is simple, easy and fun, like porkchops only without the sweet sweet taste of meat dripping down your chin. Submit your Top Ten List today and one of our qualified Tangmonkey Group members will evaluate it decide weather or not it's appropriate for the site. The evaluation process ensures that sucky entries won't be posted, we want only the best for you.
 When submitting a list:
  • Make sure you have 10 items to list, the system will not allow for submissions with less or more than 10 items.
  • Make sure your list is not racist, homophobic, sexist or particularly distasteful. One walks a very fine line when trying to be funny, and any list may be edited at the discretion of the Tangmonkey Group.
  • Allow for at least a week for the submission to be evaluated, if your submission is not accepted please resubmit something good.
  • Go nuts! Have fun! it's just a stupid Top Ten List!
 If you think you can handle the massive resposibility that lies ahead, go to the List Submission Page.

Note: If you've got more to say than a Top Ten will allow for please see either the Rant or Forum sections.


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