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August 2001

Download the word version, perfect for printing and handing out on street corners!
In this issue:    The Midget Monkey Menace!   Attack of the Crappy Titles!   Rock Star 101!   PLUS: Learn to read with Batturtle!   The Socio-Economics of Giant lizards!   And 10 Reasons to Hate ASH!
Top Ten Reasons I Hate Ash
Suicidia, The Plumpess of Sunnydale

  1. Morbid fascination with monkeys.
  2. Who names themselves after a Pokemon trainer?
  3. I don't want to know who won the chainsaw battle for Elvira's heart, they're dolls!!
  4. Stalking ten-year-old girls is not "all in a night's fun".
  5. I am not fat, dammit!
  6. I am so sick of cheerleader movies.
  7. I really wanted to keep all of my teeth.
  8. "Shut up" is not a catch-all answer to my questions.
  9. Environmentalists do too do very important things, like playing hackey-sack and growing organic weed.
  10. Killer Shrews is not "where it's at".

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