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May 2001

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In this issue:    Suicide Sandler!     Coping With Satanism!     Doin' it Crankenstyle!     PLUS: Hippie Holocaust!, And a castration-free CULT PICK!.

Here it is, kiddies, the May edition of PULP. In the spirit of May Day, I labored extra-long and extra-hard on this issue, and then threw a rock through the computer screen I was working on. When the riot cops showed up, I spat profanities at them, heaved a brick at a McDonalds, smashed a window and stole a TV from Future Shop, and then whined to a university newspaper when I got tear-gassed by the fascists pigs. Death to Globalization! Make Love Not Free Trade Agreements! Bread Not Bombs! And Not Even Bread If It's Made By A Corporate Conglomerate Like General Mills! Save the Whales! So as you can see, I'm well into the spirit of things. And so are this month's contributors. We have two, count 'em, two articles dealing with the evils of globalization, chief among them being that it inspires protests by hippies so stoned they'd give Cypress Hill a contact high. Next month, I promise there will be fewer political articles and more traditional PULPy entertainment fare, but until then...ROCK THE CASBAH!

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