Ten Movies (mostly in cheap compilation sets) I just bought for $40 total at the mall
April 11, 2004:   By Peter Mayhew, #187
Beast from Haunted Cave (hey, they mention Canada a little! That makes it a classic, eh CBC? Hey, CBC, what are you doing with that gun? Do you even know how to use that? Oh, I appear to be bleeding to death from my face. Good thing I wrote the list bottom to top. Just have to click on the post/preview button. Arg! What the shit is this? Akk...dying....one....last .....click.....BANG....shit)
The Satanic Rites of Dracula (Christopher Lee. No, not Gandalf, the other one)
Creature from the Haunted Sea (Roger Corman, the master gets a cameo in this one. I didn't catch it but it says so on the box so it must be true. Actually the reason I didn't catch it is because I haven't watched it yet. Sorry for wasting your time on this one)
The Devil Bat (Bela Lugosi doing his "wampire" thing, Again)
The Phantom of the Opera (Yeah, old. Silent. Easily scared ballerinas. The Works... and a phantom)
The Wasp Woman ("If you liked Invasion of the Bee Girls, you'll love Wasp Woman" - Jean Krupa USA TODAY)
Plan 9 from Outer Space (yeah, yeah. makes it's own gravy, we know. Still funny poo-poo though.
The Last Man on Earth (my main man, Vincent Price. Most of it is voice over, though. Yet I suppose you'd sorta lose any desire to speak your thoughts aloud in a post-apocolyptic world where you are the only survivour of a disease that makes people suck.......blood)
Metropolis (the really really old one, not the anime from like 2001)
Nosferatu (the original german baby-killer)
Editor's Note: I'm not sure if you got a great deal or were ripped off...

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