Top 10 Facts About Valentine's Day
February 18, 2004:   By Rojya, #186
It allows men who like the color pink to not worry about their masculinity.
Believe it or not, *gasp* there are still only 24 hours in the day.
When looking up the origin of Valentine’s Day (, it really is about the *birds* and the bees.
When Thanksgiving comes around 9 months from now, the big turkey can fill another new mouth.
Mail is still delivered, people still work, the season is still winter, and the groundhog came out only 12 days ago.
The percentage of single people at “non-dating” types of places is much higher, so better chances of hooking up for the single people out there.
Very yummy chocolates should be at a discount on February 15.
“Love is in the air.” Well, not really, here’s the composition of air: (  I don't see "love" in there anywhere =P
Hey guys, maybe another holiday to get that shiny, nice, new toy that you didn’t get on Christmas.
It’s a plot by your florist, card store, candy store, chocolate shop, restaurant, movie theater, limousine driver, hotel, Romantic Candle-Lighting Workers Union, phone company, DJ, horse-driven carriage driver, and fellow Illuminati member to get hands on your money.
Editor's Note: 11. 10% more nookie than on any other day.

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