Top Ten things to do with a koala
October 17, 2003:   By A.L., #165
Throw it at cars and yell "JELLO!!!!!"
Throw it at jello and pretend you are working for NATO.
Teach it to dance.
Hide in its pouch and eat bananas.
Play DOOM with it.
Name it Bob and dress it up as an Eskimo.
Convince the IRS it is your only child and get a Tax deduction.
Train it to be a commando and let it loose on the IRS.
Put it up on a Memosa tree and then shoot it.
Staple a hippo to it and submit it to Science as a genetic freak...then shoot them all as they arent looking and blame it on your neighbor who is a flagrant koala-hippo hater....bastard...
Editor's Note: The correct term is INUIT.

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Top Ten things to do with a koala
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