Top Ten Reasons to Doubt the Existstence of God
October 9, 2002:   By Snowmit, #97
Human suffering
The existence of evil
Bad things happening to good people
Continual religious strife
Apparent logical contradiction between divine omniscience and omnipotence and human free will
Lack of reliable eyewitness accounts
Occam's razor
The abysmal treatment of Job
Construction outside my apartment at 8:00am
<a href=>Rage Against the Machine Ringtones</a>
Editor's Note: Snowmit, there are many less stupid reasons to be an atheist, some of them even make sense.  However, apparently you were unable to think of any of them when you wrote this TOP TEN.  That said, I think it would be interresting (tho i suppose not very entertaining...unless it got really heated) to see a rebuttal to Snowmit's TEN.  Unfortunately, I don't think I (or any other Tangmonkey reader) would be right for the job.

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Top Ten Reasons to Doubt the Existstence of God
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