More Dead Baby Jokes
August 28, 2002:   By April, #89
What's the difference between a piece of shit and a dead baby?  A piece of shit won't clog the toilet.
What's the difference between an onion and a dead baby?  You can only cut an onion width-wise.
What's the difference between a carrot and a dead baby?  Nothing, you have to skin them both before you eat them.
What do a rug and a baby have in common?  You have to beat them both regularly.
What do you get when you cross a wood-chipper and a dead baby?  Finger food.
How do you get a baby into a glass?  With a blender.
How do you put it in?  Feet first, so you can watch its reaction.
How do you scare a baby?  Cut off its arm.
How do you scare it again?  Eat it in front of him.
What's the difference between sushi and a dead baby?  You serve sushi cold.
Editor's Note: Top Ten reasons I liked the original top ten dead baby jokes better: 10 - If the shit is big enough, it will clog the toilet.  9 - I had no idea there was only one way to cut an onion. 8 - Who says you can't just wash the carrot.  And you don't skin baby carrots. 7 - Substitute 'rug' for 'wife' and the joke would be better. 6 - Wouldn't it be a baby that eats wood.  I think you're thinking of puting a baby IN a woodchipper. 5-2 - These jokes suck. 1 - I happen prefer my babies raw

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