Strange sightings in the Berkeley/San Francisco area
July 28, 2002:   By The Dude, #83
that white dude with dreadlocks down past his thighs
the haggard old woman that pointed at me and screamed "He's crazy!" when I didn't give her money
the two hippies offering to sell "veggie burritos" out of a backpack - that actually are burritos
the countless bums trying to sell things that aren't burritos
the guy that dyes his hair pink and goes to the plaza to scream rants against the bush administration
the bum that walks the streets screaming...nonsense, basically
the guy that asked me, "you ever seen a werewolf holding a chinese menu?" and later said "go to sleep before I hit you"
the guy who was jumping up and down on a park bench shouting "Happy!  Happy!" for the better part of a day
those guys who make a circle of buckets every night and then start banging the shit out of them
I've said too much already
Editor's Note: I once saw a warewolf reading a chinese menu, I recommended the shrimp and he proceded to explain the nature of existentialism in a french canadian accent.  Then he took off the top of his head and I ate the skittles that were there in place of his brain.  I like the warewolf.

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Strange sightings in the Berkeley/San Francisco area
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