Old song titles with Ridiculously long names (Pointlessly long!)
June 30, 2002:   By Druss and Daft2, #78
Theres a guy works down the chip shop swears he's Elvis (44)
Have you seen your mother baby standing in the shadow (44)
Gilly Gilly Ossenfeffer Katzenallen Bogen by the sea (45)
San Fransisco (Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair!) (45)
If I love ya Then I need ya, If I need ya Then I want you around (47
If I said you had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me? (51)
I'm in love with a the girl on a certain megastore checkout (60)
Rachmaninoff's Eighteenth Variation on a theme by paganini (the story
Calling occupants of interplanetary craft (the Recognised anthem of world contact day) (73)
"Sir B. MacKenzie's Daughter's Lament for the 77th Mounted lancers retreat from the straits of loch Knombe in the year 1717, on the occasion of the announcement of her marriage to the laird of Kinleakie" (hey, guess if you can count how many letters there is in this one ;) AND YES, THIS REALLY IS A SONG, NOT JUST CRAP! Heh heh heh :)) )
Editor's Note: Using my psychic powers, I predict that the number of letters in the #1 old song title with a ridiculously long name is 247 letters.

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Old song titles with Ridiculously long names (Pointlessly long!)
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