Episode II nit picks
June 22, 2002:   By Boots, #76
Money wasted animating an animal with a big butt for Anakin to fall off of
I still can't imagine watching in chronological order
In order to make it clear that Anakin's hand is robotic, he is given the Terminator's hand
- Reader's choice -
Would there really be a landing pad next to a door that drops you straight onto the production line and smelter?
The spider-like creature in the coleseum is a Zerg Lurker copied from StarCraft: Brood War
Anakin was dreaming about her when he was 5?  Slow down, kid!
"I killed them..."  -vengeful, but a hint of remorse ... "I hate them!" -well, thanks for being so subtle, you big whiner
Padme is able to fall out of a flying transport without getting hurt
It actually contains the line "It's not fair!"
Editor's Note: It's people like you that make me glad that I didn't go into film at school.  Every time I get caught between two film majors whining about the latest buzz movie I just want to break out the brass knuckles

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Episode II nit picks

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