Top Ten Things to Say as an Imaginary Pirate (best while drunk)
June 23, 2002:   By Brad, the infamous Sea Dog, #75
This be a fine mug o' grog!
All I be needin' is a mug o' grog and a fine lass on me lap.
Say that again and I'll give ya  a full broadside of me cannon!
Yar, I be tanked!
This be a boring party, says I!  Let's go searching the Spanish main for loot and women!
I have nae money, I spent it all on ale 'n' whores.
Yar, I be hornier than Woody Allen 'imself!
Arrrr matey........
Get outta me way, I be sick from too much grog!
Editor's Note: Yar, must ye scallywogs be havin' fun with me speech impediment all the time?  Y'are makin me self conscious.

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Top Ten Things to Say as an Imaginary Pirate (best while drunk)
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