Reasons to go on a Bender
April 7, 2002:   By jp is a stoopid-head, #68
rock bottom isn't all that bad
"remembering what you did" went out in the 80's
what doesn't killl you can only make you stronger, or perhaps paralyzed
sleeping in ditches is good for your back
reality is for suckers and mexicans, but what mexicans do behind closed doors is thier own business
5. will seem a lot more witty
who is your daddy and what does he do?
the words "i was on a bender"  counts as a legal defense in court
three words: only two words
deep rooted psychological insecurities
Editor's Note: Maybe I wouldn't have so many psychological insecurities if people didn't keep calling me a stoopid-head...Bastard!!

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Reasons to go on a Bender
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