ways to get dressed
March 2, 2002:   By Rivet, #55
put your pants on left leg first
wear a hat a few degrees off center.  try to convince others that it makes you a rebel.
for the shirt - arms through the sleeves before you put your head through the neck holet
put your shirt on backwards, read the non-english instructions out loud, laugh heartily
put your pants on - both legs at once
wear socks and underpants on the outside of trousers, deny any knowledge of Tangmonkey columns
Narrate the procedure or talk to yourself.  Gesture emphatically when possible.
button buttons at random
put on a tie and start to walk out the door wearing it.  with your hand on the doorknob, scoff loudly and rip the tie off of your neck, shaking your head.  replace with bib.
Just hurry up and get dressed!  Stop being a moron!
Editor's Note: ...And don't forget: Real men go commando.

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ways to get dressed
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