More crappy movies to the liking of Capunik
March 1, 2002:   By Capunik, #51
Psych Out! (Another acid freak out movie, starring Jack Nicholson and the guy who played Sam on Quantum Leap)
Romper Stomper ( Not to be confused with Romper Room. Starring Russel Crowe as Himself: A Neo Nazi Skinhead....On a destructive rampage!!!!)
Yellow Submarine (To describe this movie in one word:WHAT!?)
Butcher Boy(inchoherent , pretentious ,Irish nonsense starring the ugliest child on the planet, through the entire movie, all I could think of is how much I wanted to beat that kid two inches away from his life.his facial expressions and speech patterns alone put me into a frenzy)
Eraser Head(In contrast to my abid beleif that David Lynch has no idea what he's doing, this movie was his first. I'm lead to beleive that someone saw it, thought it made sense, and gave him the Idea to continue making movies in this fashion. But I liked it for the chipmunk faced girl dancing on wormy type feotus')
ExIsTenZ(I'm not too sure if I spelled it right. I liked Video Drome the first time I saw it. It even has the Bio-Mechanical gun. And what really gets me is that David Chronenberg did both of those movies. GODDAMMIT!)
Fat Guy Goes Nutzoid(One of the only movies that I've seen, where the entire plot IS the title)
Terror Firmer( The Single most disturbing movie that I've ever seen. Cameos include:Lemmy, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and Ron Jeremy)
Adolph the Dolphin Vs. Captain Barnacle and the Ass Pirates(As much as I'd love it to, this movie does not exist. And it has so much potential)
Sex Mex( If you can think of a better movie than a porno exclusively using mexican luciador wrestling masks, try and bring it. But I warn you, Its not going to happen. The Soundtrack to this movie is even a Fantastic score by the Tijuana Bibles. And by porno, I do mean Hardcore porno)
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More crappy movies to the liking of Capunik
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