Signs You Need To Clean Your Refrigerator
January 18, 2002:   By Zebulon, #27
Even the light bulb has mold on it
The giant purple tentacle that always fights you for the Pepsi
It chases the cat around the room
And catches it
The body you shoved in it leaves no room for your fruit punch
The molded oranges got so disgusted that they've started an escape tunnel
The Center for Disease Control has welded its door shut
It keeps sneaking up on you in the shower like that guy did in "Psycho", even though you SPECIFICALLY told it not to
You open the door and a troll oozes out, and immediately starts posting to newsgroups.
The highly advanced civilization that has evolved from your taco salad has declared war for the rights to the remote
Editor's Note: When I came back from Christmas break there was an inch of black liquid in the bottom of the vegetable crisper, where did my veggies go?

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Signs You Need To Clean Your Refrigerator
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