Top Ten Newspaper Headlines about Deaths of Johnny Cash and John Ritter
September 14, 2003:   By dye!, #160
John Ritter remembered, vaguely
Cash demise misunderstanding sparks panic on Wall Street
'We will hunt down those responsible': Bush
CBS comments: 'Now room on schedule for more 'Becker'
Cash's soul: 'it burns, burns, burns, this burning realm of fire'
Surviving 'Three's Company' cast have collected $7.5 million in unemployment insurance since 1984
Pope prays for Ritter: 'Pretending you're gay to get an apartment is sin'
America no longer has Hope, Cash: Stevie Wonder fears for his safety
Despite obvious health rishs, 'John' still most popular name
People under 25: 'Who?'
Editor's Note: Does this mean that Johnny Cash's sitcom, and John Ritter's country-western album have both been cancelled?

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Top Ten Newspaper Headlines about Deaths of Johnny Cash and John Ritter
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