Top ten Predictions for 2004
August 25, 2003:   By J.Brandis, #158
JP's Blag makes triumphant comeback. Pictures of his socks replace pixels as TM theme.
Rosemary's "Bedtime Stories" gets TV contract for 13 episodes in Life Network.
Ulmo quits, his position is never filled.
Ash sees "Rambo III", actually likes it. Buys orange wardrobe.
Dan Haun sees the error of his ways in not living in Canada and moves to Toronto. Thus, missing the point.
Scott moves out of his parent's basement.
Dan Beirne is cast as "Spike" in live action Transformers movie. Nathan Lane continues column solo.
Sean, Dusty and Kevin form Indy band. Tangmonkey gives them a poor review for "selling out, emotionally".
Adam's popularity skyrockets. Site renamed "Adam's Tangmonkey". He is then featured on television's "Access Hollywood" in JLo sex scandal.
Bjorn Lincoln and the Bane of Forever wins Booker prize, which is then sumarily revoked as it is revealed that it's not actually British Fiction. Rioting dies down in 4 hours.

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Top ten Predictions for 2004
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