The NEW IMPROVED and all arond BEST top 10 Dead Baby Jokes.
August 25, 2003:   By SoulToast, #157
How long did it take 4 babies to make these jokes?  2 1/2 years of unweilding torture.
Whats red-orange- and on the bottom of a pool? A baby with slashed floaties.
Whats red-pink-orange and on the top of the pool? Floaties with slashed baby.
Whats red-pink-and silver and runs into walls? A baby with forks in its eyes.
How do you make a dead baby float?  2 scoops of Ice Cream and 1 scoop of Dead Baby.
How many dead babies can fit in a trunk?  18 1/2
How do you get 100 dead babies OUT of a 10 gallon bucket?   Tortilla Chips.
How to you get 100 babies into a 10 gallon bucket?  A Blender.
Whats red pink and gnawing at its leg?  A baby in a bear trap.
What does a quadripaligic, blind-deaf-mute baby get for x-mas?   Cancer.
Editor's Note: Why do they insist on saying they have the 'best baby jokes' when really it's just the first ten they can think of...or maybe it's a random selection from some internet list of baby jokes.  In any case,  it's not original.

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The NEW IMPROVED and all arond BEST top 10 Dead Baby Jokes.
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