reason's why you are going insane (or just a twat)
May 18, 2003:   By dave the bull, #147
you talk to yourself .....and answer
you talk to inanimate objects
you begin wearing brightly coloured overalls when waiting for a bus claiming "its for the badger's"
think the truth is out there
you jump into a child's paddling pool wearing full SCUBA gear
you start to get unusually turned on by the microwave button's
you think the smurfs are out there
you begin to think religion is the new way to go
you eccesivly masterbate (oh shit im mad)
you selotape forks to you hands , wear bright spandex and let you facial hair grow then start running into the local bar screaming "I AM WOLVERINE MUHAHAHA" while poking the bartender with your forks

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reason's why you are going insane (or just a twat)
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