ways to not be bored at the zoo
April 30, 2003:   By Grumpymonk, #143
Watch the Gorillas puke into eachothers hand and eat it
Watch the Gorillas tweak eachothers nipples
Attempt to make the animals interested in you
Look brilliant and make animal noises at exhibits
Make sure you are at the Baboons during feeding time so you can watch them throw their crap at the feeders..its true, they will!
Dont visit the Komodo Dragon...they dont do a damn thing!
Tap as many fish tanks as possible
Smoke a joint in all 250 possible places to get high
The Toronto Zoo now has a liqour licensed "Polar Patio" that spells fun!
Listen to The Flaming Lips - Christmas at the Zoo and proceed to drop acid and free all the animals

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ways to not be bored at the zoo
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