Top Ten Things Overheard During My Recent Visit To Montreal
April 25, 2003:   By Blank's Dan, #142
"We knew it was you, Dan, when we heard your head thwack into the ceiling fan."
"Luckily for you, you'll be staying for three days so you can see Spring, Summer, AND Fall."
"Ro's Cultural Anthropology professor got her head stuck in a urinal again."
"Not even light can penetrate the veil of sarcasm that envelopes Ash's body."
"Sean, we're never going to make our reservations if you insist on reviewing the work of every street musician."
"I hadn't realized how much poutine looked like it had been digested once already."
"Dan's freaking out because he just realized that he's more than five miles away from a Wal-Mart for the first time in his life."
"Man, it sucks how Neale always has to go to the bathroom right before Captain Canuck appears."
"I just know that Dan's going to write some dumb Top Ten full of bizarre in-jokes the moment he gets back home."
"Forrest, Burningsnail, Scott, Rebecca, Snowmit, Pat, Julian, of COURSE I'll work you all into a gag!  It'll be great!"
Editor's Note: Wow, at least we know SOMEONE actually pays attention to the forum.

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