Top Ten Least Likely "Jeopardy" Caregories
April 6, 2003:   By Doctor Furious, #140
Groin Injuries
Itchy Things
Cockroach Cuisine
Banjo Lore
Does This Look Infected?
Things Combed From Alex Trebek's Moustache
What Color Is It?
Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat?
Things You Just Want To Pound And Pound With A Shovel
The Wit And Wisdom Of George W. Bush
Editor's Note: FUN ACTIVITY: Make up questions (er...answers) that can fit into multiple categories.  I recommend starting with the category combinations (eg - 'Things You Just Want To Pound and Pound With A Shovel' and 'The Wit and Wisdom of George W. Bush'.  Or 'Groin Injuries' and 'Does This Dress Make Me Look Fat') then coming up with the question (...I mean answer).

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Top Ten Least Likely "Jeopardy" Caregories
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