top ten ways to lose weight
April 5, 2003:   By fat boy jim, #138
buy a HOLDEN!!!
sell you mobility scooter we know you can walk
walk to the fridge insted of putting the fridge next to your tv watching chair
sell your supermaket
having mac donalds for breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner and desert isnt healthy
dont hide food in your tv watching chair
when at an all you can eat bufet, dont it it all?
get rid of stash of choc bars in the toilet
Editor's Note: Do all Brits own their own supermarkets? I don't get that one...unless it's just another joke gone bad, in which case I get it but I SPIT [pronounced 'speet'] ON YOUR SUPERMARKETS!! (I'm assuming it's a Brit because of the reference to morning and afternoon tea).  And what the heck's a 'HOLDEN!!!'

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top ten ways to lose weight
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