Top Ten Tangmonkey Secrets
April 4, 2003:   By Dan (No, The Other One), #137
"Top Ten" editor really Brad Pitt
Sean president of "New Kids On The Block" fan club
Rosemary once killed a unicorn with her bare hands
Dan Bierne a werewolf
Ash once killed a hobo with a hammer
JP has a wide variety of super powers
"blank" written by 3rd-grade English class since Dan died six months ago
Some Tangmonkey staffers may secretly be Canadian
Tangmonkey Forum really used by only two people using a variety of pseudonyms
Tangmonkey cabal behind MTV no longer showing videos
Editor's Note: I'm pretty sure this TOP TEN has already been written once so I guess these would be more like the TOP ELEVEN TO TWENTY.  Also, I don't know if I'm missing some kind of tounge in cheek joke but for the record, the majority of the Tangmonkey staff are indeed Canadians, in fact was founded in Canada's capital.

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