TV Shows Made Better by Reversing their Premise
March 2, 2003:   By Dye!, #134
The Crocodile that Hunts Crocodile Hunters
Are You Hideous?
Iraq Bombs CNN's Coverage
Who Wants to Divorce the Poor?
Robots Forcing People to Run into Each Other
Mafia Families Who Get More Interesting With Each Passing Year
When the Roman Numeral IV Attacks Animals
CFL Players Watching the CBC
One Rule for Dating My Eight Simple Daughters
Empowered Women Tell Oprah She's a Worthless Slut
Editor's Note: Ugh...This top ten makes my brain hurt.  Of course that could be from lack of sleep and too much stress.

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Things your cat doesn't want you to know.
TV Shows Made Better by Reversing their Premise
Top Ten
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Top Ten Lesser Known Denizens of Hell
Top Ten Possible Identities of the Anti-Christ
Top Ten Least Effective Mobster Threats
Top Ten Good Things About Having Crappy Old Car
Albums To Listen To While Stoned
Top Ten Subject Lines Of Burned Out Spammers

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