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February 25, 2003:   By A.L. the Messiah, #132
I have a cat (pets a grapefruit)
Please, Do you have any spare change, sir?
2na goes RAR!!!!!1111
Do fish poo in my drinking water? That's why I only drink coffee, and I use rain water for it, because poo can't evaporate, unless its watery fish squirts or something along those lines, but the chances of me having fish squirts in my coffee are so small that I am willing to risk it.  If I didn't have coffee, what would replace all the blood I don't have?
Fact: Licking a toilet seat is less dangerous than licking a cutting board.  Rational: More germs (meat) on a cutting board than on a toilet seat.  Also, risk of getting tongue cut off is slightly less.
Why platypus?
Gonna be an Evolution, yea-ah, we all know you gonna change your lungs.  You gonna make a contribution, yea-ah, cuz I need a new pair of wings so bad.   Say ya can ya feel, alright?
Editor's Note: Have a good read kids, 'cause this is your brain on drugs.

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