Jesus's (Me) Top Ten Shows of the 90's and Why
February 19, 2003:   By Alex Lewis...the....errr....Messiah, #131
Alf (It played on in my head well into the 90's)
Home Improvement (Tim Allen was a coke dealer.  Look where it got him.  Moral : Deal Coke)
Ally McBeal (Robert Downey Jr. did coke.  He is on Ally McBeal.  Moral: Don't do coke)
Power Rangers (A bigot show.  The black ranger was Black.  The yellow ranger was Asian.  The red ranger was a red neck.  The pink ranger was a prissy.  Oh yeah, everything they hit shot out sparks.  Why?)
Family Matters (How did Erkel get on a jury? He's only in High School.  Remember that episode.  It was the OWNER, not the guard...the owner was guilty.  All thanks to our Steven.)
The M.C. Hammer Show (Yes, WOULD have been a good show)
Futurama (a show with a robot who needs alcohol to live...How could it lose?)
Simpsons (Over-hyped, Over-played, Over-corporated, Over-err....funny
Family Guy (Cancelled.  Why, God? WHY!!??!!)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Transformers (Undoubtable the best.  Too good to choose.  Imagine a trip where you watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Transformers...its almost worth all the spiders crawling under your skin.)
Editor's Note: Those damn bigots with their sparks... someone should teach them some morals.

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