Things your cat doesn't want you to know.
March 29, 2003:   By MeowScott, #130
Your last girlfriend peed standing up.
He erases messages on the machine for you while you were out.
He stares at the wall blankley to mess with your head.
Scratching furniture is really not nessasary, but a hint that "furniture shopping" entails more than waiting for moving day to see what people are throwing away.
Tossing litter everywhere is just for fun.
You have stupid hair, even by cat standards.
Licking your balls, as much fun as it looks.
As far as "Cat fights" go, the WWE really does them best.
Hairballs are just to see how grossed out they can make you.
He's planning your death for that "Nice little trip to the Vet" you took him on six years ago.
Editor's Note: Hey everybody look at ME!!! I'm funny and important, everything I write should be read thoroughly so that they might be able to someday elevate themselves one step closer to the enlightened existence that I lead.  I am much more important and funny that the top ten itself, and next time a top ten is posted i recommend that you skip it and read only the editors note, after all the top ten is simply a waste of precious time. While I have your attention I may as well tell you what I did...

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Things your cat doesn't want you to know.
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