Top Ten Lesser Known Denizens of Hell
February 15, 2003:   By Snowmit, #128
Abduscius; A minor demon who specializes in uprooting trees.
Buer; Demonic teacher of logic and philosophy.
Bune; A three headed devil who moves bodies from one grave to another.
Belian (Belias); A miniature demon who temps men to arrogance, women to fancy clothes and children to talk during Mass.
Bad; A Persian demon who causes tempests.
Caim; A demon with the head and wings of a blackbird.  He enjoyed tormenting Martin Luther.
Bechard; He can only be conjured on Fridays.
Dumah; The angel of the silence of death.  Was once a mere Summerian vegetation god.
Alocer; A grand duke of hell, he has a lion's head and is alleged to teach the liberal arts.
Balkin; Goat riding lord of the northern mountians.  He commands 15 000 legions of dwarfs mounted on chameleons.

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