Top Ten Possible Identities of the Anti-Christ
February 4, 2003:   By Smelly Crucifixation of D00m, #127
My left sock
George W., the Anti-Christ wouldnt be so dumb
Tangmonkey editor
Men Without Hats....RAR I CANT DANCE
Richard Simmons (Why is he still fat?)
Rosie O'Donnell
Starland Vocal Band
That Dell kid.....DUDE!!
The rest of Rosie O'Donnell
I am really convinced its Rosie O'Donnel!!!!111
Editor's Note: Oh my.  Dubya is fighting the AXIS OF EVIL {Muahahahahahahahah}. How can someone with such a pure heart who's just doing what 'needs to be done' be in any way compared to, let alone accused of being the antichrist?  May the good Lord save us from such blasphemous remarks as this.

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Top Ten Possible Identities of the Anti-Christ
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