Top Ten Subject Lines Of Burned Out Spammers
January 18, 2003:   By Doctor Furious and Naruma, #123
"Miracle New Enlarge- Eh, Who Am I Kidding?  It's Just A Turkey Baster Glued To A Bicycle Pump."
"Lonely Farm Girls Who Look Like My Mom Call Me And Tell Me I Could Have Been A Dentist."
"Discount Tic-Tacs In A Viagra Bottle."
"This Is Not A Loan, You Are Just Paying Us Money You Don't Have So You Can Damage Your Credit."
"Screw The Gimmicks! Just Give Me Your Address And Phone Number So I Can Get A Back Massager!"
"Free Cellular Phone From 1985 With A Nineteen Year Service Agreement."
"Gullible? Naive? Thinking Of Selling Your Home?  Then Give Us A Call."
"We're Counting On You Being Too Lazy And Stupid To Shop For Better Mortgage Rates."
"We're Like, Nigerian And Stuff."
"Miniature Remote Control Car!  Um, Okay, I Have No Idea Why Anyone Would Want This Thing."
Editor's Note: I have found that my penis enlarger works just splendidly, thankyouverymuch.  Now I can get it up to 4''!!!

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Top Ten Subject Lines Of Burned Out Spammers

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