Top ten things to do in    ***2003***   that grab peoples attention
January 8, 2003:   By Daft2003, #121
Make cookie dough out of tons of junk food that can make you pass out
Get stoned
Have naked sex in a public place
Dress up as Mr Blobby... ok it might be a bit sad but it works :-)
Kill hippies by throwing ducks at them
Piss on your enemy neighbours bush, if they don't like that, moon them!
Lay whoppie cushions on park benches
Click the 'eating babies' link on this site
Find out what the ladies bathroom is like
Blow the whole budget by buying clothes (typical housewife)  :-P
Editor's Note: ... or you could just put the word 2003 in **asterisks!**

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Top ten things to do in ***2003*** that grab peoples attention
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