Top Ten Rejected Reality TV Shows
December 20, 2002:   By Doctor Furious, #115
Survivor: Finland
Dungeons And Dragons Live From Marty's Mom's Basement
Who Wants To Be A Proctologist?
George W. Bush Attempts To Read A Thesaurus Aloud
People Will Do Anything You Say If You Point A Camera At Them
The Weakest Bladder
Seven Egocentric Assholes Live In A House
Tangmonkey Group Big Brother
Who Wants To Eat This Entire Jar Of Mayonnaise?
Russell Crowe Beats Up "Road Rules" Cast Members
Editor's Note: Those TV executives don't know what they're talking about.  I personally would watch all of these shows religiously.  Except that Tangmonkey Group Big Brother one, that's just silly.

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