About Submitting a Rant

 As big or as small as RANT! is, the project's growth and development relies almost exclusively on the contributions of YOU, the public. Everyone has a brooding, bubbling rage inside of them, just waiting to get out. Voice that resentment and pen a rant - which you can then submit to be archived here at RANT!, thus contributing to this library that sheds light on the full scope of human bitterness.
 When submitting a rant, first make sure that:
  • Your spelling/grammar is acceptable to you; once you've submitted a rant, you cannot change it, and if under fire, you may be criticized for poor skills in the mechanics. If you're not very good at spelling, try running your rant through a spell-check prior to submission.
  • Your rant is not racist, homophobic, sexist or particularly distasteful. One walks a very fine line when trying to be funny, and any rant may be edited at the discretion of the Tangmonkey Group.
  • You know which category you would like to submit it to.
  • You have decided upon a name for your rant and a short, one-sentence description.
Rant submissions are now closed.


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