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From: Neuner, Suzanne (DPH)
To: pulp@tangmonkey.com
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001

"...her painfully gay husband, Roy Dupuis..."???

"...an annoying little frog who's biggest hit stateside is Screamers..."???

I really do not know what you mean by your comments or where on earth you came by your information or how you could form the above opinions - but: 1.) I'll give you that "Bleeders" was not a good film - but not at the fault of any of the actors - it was a bad script and had HORRIBLE production value - but Roy Dupuis' character in "Bleeders" was not "painfully gay";


2.) Roy Dupuis is a star in his native Quebec - he graduated from the prestigious National School of Theatre in Montreal - he has received high acclaim and wonderful reviews during the course of his career for his stage, screen and film work - he has also won several Canadian awards akin to the American Oscar and Emmy - he has appeared in U.S. television in "Million Dollar Babies" with Beau Bridges and Kate Nelligan and received wonderful reviews from the American press for his portrayal of the father to the Dion Quintuplets - he starred for 4+ years in the AMERICAN hit "Le Femme Nikita" - and in his native Quebec and has done some beautiful work over the last 12+ years on stage and in film and television including "Le Fille de Caleb", Being At Home With Claude, Jesus of Montreal, True West, Romeo & Juliet, etc. - so *please* - although you're entitled to your opinion (ignorant as it may be) - as a so-called "critic" you should really get all of your facts straight before you form those opinions and them put them to print.

To: Neuner, Suzanne (DPH)
From: pulp@tangmonkey.com
Date: Thu, 27 Dec 2001

Well, I'll be damned. I never thought that I'd find somebody who actually saw Bleeders, let alone thought it worth defending. Next thing you know, you'lll be lauding the praises of Pauly Shore's stand-up comedy and insisting that Freddy Got Fingered actually had some good bits. From your email, I can only come to conclusion that you must be either related to Roy Dupuis or have an incredibly well-developed sense of sarcasm. But let us proceed nonetheless.

Firstly, of course Bleeders was a bad movie. And of course some blame rests with Roy Dupuis. He was in it, wasn't he? If you act like Marlon Brando in a Wayans Brothers movie, the picture still sucks and you come off looking like a pretentious jackass, so you're damn right I blame Dupuis. The best thing he could have done for this movie is to burn the script when he got it, as opposed to lending the weight of his heavily accented acting abilities to the production.

Secondly, in regards to my 'painfully gay' comment, you seem to be missing some key ingredients necessary to interpreting that remark, namely context and a sense of humour. For you see, I was not being entirely serious. I am well aware that Dupuis' character was not actually gay. I was merely referring to the fact that, in terms of masculinity, he makes the vampire Lestat look like Clint Eastwood on steroids. However, I can see how that might be confusing, in the same way that I can see how people need warnings on coffee cups to keep them from dumping scalding hot drinks in their laps.

Thirdly, I don't really understand your grounds for labelling me ignorant and misinformed regarding Dupuis. If you reread the beginning of your email carefully, sounding out each word, you'll see that in the part where you quote me, I say that Dupuis' biggest hit in the US was Screamers. This doesn't mean he's a bad actor. It doesn't mean that he hasn't been in a bunch of stuff. It just means that Screamers was the most succesful, unless you consider the La Femme Nikita TV show a hit. Personally, I would define a 'hit' show as a series that attracts more viewers than would attend weekly bingo games at a small town church, but I don't pretend to provide a definitive answer. Oh, and incidentaly, I wouldn't consider winning either a Genie or a Gemini as being particularly impressive. Hell, I've got six of both, and the closest I've come to a film set is spitting on Denys Arcand from the balcony of my apartment. Anyway, point being, my facts are plenty straight, thank you very much.

Nevertheless, I appreciate your comments. We enjoy getting mail here at PULP, and we do our best to respond to every letter. If you have any more comments regarding this or any other PULP related issue, please feel free to write again. Thanks for writing, and we hope you keep reading PULP.

Ash Carreau

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