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DATE: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 17:59:15 -0700 (PDT)
FROM: Seb ???
TO: "Ash Carreau"
SUBJECT: Re: Xenophoberific


Putting aside your obsession for the horror/porn film genre, its evident that you are an uncultured ignorant imbecile. It's hard working with a half-witted dunce like yourself Ash. To think that any other culture has nothing to offer shows how sciolistic your ideas can be, considering that you live in the Americanized bland pop culture of North America. As for directors having the decency to release their movies in English, are you so arrogant? To think that a movie must meet your accommodations just because your indolence holds you from reading captions? That is pathetic. And as for you being a film student, I really don't care, too many people I know who study a field have no grasp for its content. Among them I am sure you could find your name.

Oh, and you seemed to have trouble sounding out 'repressio' ,'foriegn' and 'offence'

-Seb :)

DATE: Thu, 12 Jul 2001
FROM: Ash Carreau pulp@stupid.com
TO: Seb ???
SUBJECT: Go away

Relax, Renaissance Man, not everyone in the world is as hepped up on cultural enlightenment as you are. Just because you like to pretend you can sit through a French Nouvelle Vague flick without hitting the fast forward button doesn't make you King Culture. It's self-important art-house "I'm better than you because I can read" pansies like you that keep the film industries in crappy countries churning out stultifyingly dull films about self-discovery and redemption when they should be devoting their energies to making my Nikes for 4 cents an hour. I bet you thought Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was a powerful, epic, Oscar-worthy romance instead of two hours of a bald Chinasian dude prancing around in a dress. Oh, and please, tell me more about the emptiness of North American culture, because your laughably parroted pretention hasn't made me quite ill enough yet. Go back to whatever coffee shop you hang out in, and try to overhear something at least vaguely original to say next time.

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